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More and more people are now using the Internet as a way of searching for information. This means that potential customers are actively looking on the Internet to search out your company, or companies like yours!

For a lot of companies, having a web site is fast becoming a "must have". A web site can offer tangible business benefits:

  • A web site can act as a permanent advertisement
  • It allows potential customers to find out about your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • If you integrate your web site with e-mail, your potential customers can contact you immediately
  • You can make a web site much more interactive than any other form of marketing material simply by adding photos, music and video to enhance your product or service
  • Ultimately you can sell your products or service directly over the Internet potentially saving costs.

E-Remedy is here to help, help get your business on the web!

Based in Locks Heath, Hampshire, E-Remedy is dedicated to helping small businesses get on the web. For a one page website, prices start at just £130

If you are considering starting a web site for your business, please contact E-Remedy for a free consultation.